Exotic Home Design in the United Kingdom

Ventura House is a modern family residence in Dorset, United Kingdom. The design of this house was developed by David James & Associates Architects. The house is located in a high mountainous area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEngland. The house project is optimally adapted to the position of the human view. This house has glass windows all over the walls of the house. This maximizes the view in all directions.


1. This house has an exotic design and looks very cheap. All the walls of this house are made of glass. So that the owner of the house can see the scenery outside the house as a whole. This house is composed of 3 floors that make us feel like having a house like this.

2. The side of the house is a medium-sized page. In the corner of the courtyard there are stairs that are used to climb to the 2nd floor of the house. At night this house looks so warm with colorful yellow lights that seem to give warmth to this house.

3. Now we go to the other side of the yard of this mansion. On this side of the yard, we can see the lush green grass. This place is usually used to play the children – children at home from school.

4. Now we go up to the 2nd floor of the house. In this section we can see the view out of the house more freely. On this 2nd floor, we can see along the building on the 2nd floor there is a guardrail made of clear glass. This clear glass gives the impression of fresh and make the house seem more spacious.

5. We start to get inside the house. In this section we can see the walls of the house that seemed classical. The walls of the house in this section are composed of natural rocks of the mountains. Wall models like this give a natural and cool impression on this exotic house.

6. We go deeper into the living room and living room. In this section we can see the floor of the house made of natural wood. This kind of wood is very strong and waterproof. In addition, the use of wooden flooring gives a natural and natural impression on the house.

7. The house is composed of 3 main floors. This is the staircase usually used by the homeowner to access up or down from each floor in the house. This staircase is in a circular design to further save space in this house.

8. We go into the bedroom section inside this exotic house. The bedroom part of the house is also very unique and different and the houses are mostly. In this part of the bedroom around the wall is made of glass. So it will be transparent when viewed from the outside.

9. Now we look at the bathroom part of this exotic house. This house has a very elegant bathroom design. The bathrooms look modern with a combination of white and black in each part of the bathroom.

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