Elegant Home Design 1920s in Montreal, Canada

Desainrumahbagus.com – The design of this house was built on the southern coast of Montreal. This house is a 1920’s house. This house has a modern architectural design decorated with unique ornaments. This house provides residences for families with more space. The extra room inside the house is divided into two parts. This house is arted by NatureHumaine with amazing surprises. This house has a balanced mixture of textures and materials used.


1. This house is in the form of beams – blocks built with a brick of choice. On the front of the house is a yard made of hard wood for the family’s lesehan seat.

2. On the inside of the house seemed very minimalist. This is because the furniture is arranged and stored neatly. Some parts of this house are made of strong and durable wood. While the outward-facing wall is made of glass so that the sunlight is easy to get into.

3. Interior inside the house impressed elegant with incandescent lights hung towering down. There are 4 yellow incandescent lights that increasingly add to the exotic beauty of this house. The walls of this house kitchen is covered with silver tiles. In the center of the kitchen there is a square table to put food that is ready to eat.

4. In this section also still use the concept of incandescent lamps hung above. The floor is made of gray ceramic. In the middle there is a long wooden table commonly used to put household appliances.

5. In the aisle of this house there is a part of the wall in the leave open (without a layer of cement). The goal is that the classical impression on this house more visible.

6. This is the bathroom part that is in the house. The floor is made of medium porous ceramic. The goal is not slippery when exposed to water. Before entering the bathroom there is a door made of thick glass. This gives a modern impression on the design of this house.

7. Still on the bathroom part. Dumpster on the design stick to the wall. The location is also arranged in the corner of the room. This kind of ruamah design adds a very strong elegant simple impression.

8. The upstairs part of the house is a floor that leaves open. This kind of design makes it easy to communicate between the people at the top of the house and the people downstairs. For safety reasons it is given tralis from iron fences as high as an adult hip. The goal is that our children do not fall down.

9. In this part of the house floor is made of wood. There is a long white table made of wood. This table we can use for our workplace. We can put our computer on the table.

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