Fresh Home Design with Georgian Style in London – The architect of Cullinan Studio re-designing a house in Hampstead, London. The design of this house is open to the terrace through the floor to ceiling windows. Creative home design studios must find contemporary ways of offering comfort both on and off the page and a seamless connection between the two. Spread over an area of 100 square meters, public and private areas. This home design can be applied to smart settings in space, furniture, and decorative details. The house is very sturdy dengna wearing steel and wooden structures, glass cubes imagine neat displays made on stairs, floors, walls and ceilings.

1. The design of this house is very elegant with the complete walls – glass walls are transparent. So that we can see the scenery outdoors freely.

2. It is interior design interior of the house. This is a family living room. This place is usually used for families piled up and spending time together. In the center of the room was an elegant table made of wood. The plaque is L-shaped L which has the material of the sponge.

3. This compartment is the kitchen part from the viewpoint of the living room. Between the kitchen and living room is separated with wooden partitions. Inside the kitchen there is a thick block-shaped table. This table is usually used to serve food or a place to read and relax family.

4. This is the design of the back of the house. We can see the outside scenery clearly. This is because the walls of the house are made of glass. So that we can see the scenery outside freely. This place is equipped with a soft sponge sofa that makes us and our family feel comfortable for long in this place.

5. Design the exterior of the house from the front point of view. The design of this house consists of 3 floors. On each floor is equipped with large windows for air ventilation.

6. The design of this house is equipped with stairs – stairs made of wood. The designer makes this ladder of wood to add a naturalist impression on the interior of the house. In addition stairs made of wood make more rough (not slippery if exposed to water spills). On the walls there are also bookshelves.

7. This is the outer part of the house that emphasizes the use of glass – glass on the wall of the house. This design is perfect for modern homes. On each glass there is a strong iron tralis to connect every corner of the glass inside the house.

8. On the ceiling of the house there is a list of wood – teak wood in the order of the top. This kind of home design makes the house seem natural. This is because of the many uses of natural materials in it.

If you want to build your dream home like the photos above. You can learn the house plan. Here is the detail of the house plan that we provide exclusively for you.

Thus information about the Georgian Style Fresh House Design in London. Visit design to get the latest update of home interior design ideas today.

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