Home Design For Harmonious Families in Texas

Desainrumahbagus.com – Not so easy to determine the harmonious home design for the family. In this case, we will review Lakeview Holiday’s home design in Texas. The Architecture is inspired to create a warm and friendly home for a modern family. The landlord declares his love for a new home. Other people are often surprised to see this house. This modern home can be so warm and family friendly.


1. The design of this house looks so warm from the outside. All parts of the house seemed to be made of wood. At the front of the house there is a room with a unique shape. The walls of this room are made of wood – the choice of wood in such a way, so as to form a beautiful wooden texture arrangement.

2. The design of this house has a large front yard. There is a garden filled with various kinds of plants. On the left side of the house there is a path made of selected marble stone. The stone is arranged parallel and forms a path that leads to the main door of the house.

3. We can see the walls in this house building made of wood. Wood texture is made in such a way that it looks neat and beautiful. On the side there is a clear glass with a long size. We can see the inside of the house through this glass.

4. Currently we are inside the house. The floor of this house is made of strong choice wood. The walls are also made of wood with a very beautiful texture. On the roof there is a very unique lamp. This lamp is wrapped in a white knitting yarn formed like a ball.

5. We enter the passage of this luxurious house. On the left side of the house we can see glass with a super large size. The inside of the house, can be seen so clearly from this angle. The walls in this room are made of white stones arranged neatly. So that formed beautiful wall composition.

6. On the outside of the house there is room for a family relaxing place. The floor is made of wood arranged parallel along the house booth. There are two tree trunks rising from below. These two trees look so natural. Indirectly this tree can be a natural accessories that add to the beauty of this house.

7. This house has a comfortable living room design and warm impressed. The floor of the house in this room is made of wood. This space is perfect for family gathering at night. The roof of the house in this room is made of white ceiling with a good quality.

8. Currently we are headed to the family dining room. Here we can see the round table on the left side. This table is used to serve breakfast. All family members can have breakfast together at this table. To the left there is a long white table. Its function is to put food after cooking.

9. Now we are headed to the kitchen part of this luxurious house. In this section there is a stove that is intentionally planted in a white table. This makes the design of the kitchen in this house seem more tidy and clean. At the corner of the walls of the house deliberately made of clear glass. This allows us to see the scenery outside the home.

10. Now we go to the dining room. This house has a unique restaurant design. There are 6 dining chairs with an unusual design. Dining table and chairs in this house is made of solid wood piliihan. On the roof there are 6 unique lamps as lighting at night. Really a harmonious home design for a modern family in Texas.

If you want to build your dream home like the photos above. You can learn the house plan. Here is the detail of the house plan that we provide exclusively for you.

Home Design For Harmonious Families in Texas

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