Design of a Black and White House with Light and Space

This house is the third house of its current owner. This house is located in Lodz, Poland. This house is the second home where previous clients lived. This house seems to lack a little light and space. This place is located in a desert area nearby and has incredible views. The house is furnished with one floor of the building with the main entrance located in the middle of the building.


1. The design of this house is made with the dominance of black and white. The combination of both colors gives the impression of elegance and expensive on the design of this house. From the front yard, the design of this house looks sturdy and strong. The physical form of this house building resembles a square that seems strong.

2. Currently we are on the side page of the house. From this point of view we can see this house is very long. The walls of the sampin are white and there are several windows and doors for air ventilation.

3. Now we go inside the house. At the roof we can see the ceiling made of light materials khsusus. Ceiling of this house is white which follows the color of the walls of the house. The floor of the house in this section is made of gray ceramic with a smooth texture.

4. Now we are headed to one corner of this luxury house. In this section we can see there is a family table made of strong wood. If we see the top there is a lamp with a unique design. The black circle shape gives the elegant impression on this house.

6. In this section we can meliaht 2 pieces of sofa chair that is used by the owner of the house to relax at night. The floor of this house is made of ceramic with natural wood motif. Wood motifs on the floor give a natural and warm impression on this house.

7. This room is a room that is used to relax at night. In this space we can see there are parts of the house that is open, so we can see the outer sections of the home with more freedom. This space is perfect for a place to relax and family gathering in the afternoon.

8. This is the design of this luxury mansion bedroom. The design is very simple and simple. We can see there are 1 medium sized bed and a small table to put some accessories and knick-knacks. On the walls of the room there is an abstract painting that gives a touch of beauty in this bedroom.

9. Now we see one corner of this part of the house. In this section most of the furniture is made of wood. We can see shoe rack made of wood. Then there is a rectangular flowered fase that is also made of wood. Even the mat is made of a certain material that is similar to wood.

10. This house has a long and wide hall design. So the kids can use the hallway part of the house to play and spend their spare time in this place. At the roof we can see the lights dengna unique design. The lamp has a white tube-like design that emits soft light that does not dazzle the eyes.

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