Creative Family Home Design in Mexico: Vista Clara Residence – Design house in Mexico based architecture studio The design of this house is designed and developed by Vista Clara. The design of this kind of home offers a luxurious and modern family residence. The 635 square meter house is located in La Vista Country Club. It is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of the city of Puebla, Mexico. Such design houses take advantage of natural slope sites. The architect managed to provide a complex life experience for the inhabitants of the house. The main entrance to this house is located on the middle floor and can be accessed by stairs up from the front garage section.


1. The front view of this house is so elegant. From the front of this house has three floors that seem luxurious and modern. Downstairs we can use it as a garage for cars and motorcycles that we have. While on the 2nd floor we can use for the living room and various kinds of ornaments such as green plants and the like.

2. This house also has a nice swimming pool at the rear. During the day, he throws an effect that draws light and shadows inside, while at night the main entrance frames, creating a strong identity. The first level contains public spaces and access to the terrace by the pool, while the second level contains three bedrooms and a living room. The recreation areas (cinema, game room and bar) are partially submerged in the ground floor. The green walls can be observed throughout, giving a fresh and welcoming feel. [Photography: Patrick López Jaimes]

3. From the side of this house also looks very elegant. This is because the composition of the lighting is very organized and well ordered inside and outside the house. This house wall is made of wood so it has a strong natural impression from the outside. In addition to back there is seen a part of the wall made of glass so we can see the circumstances of the house from the outside.

4. The front house also has a small garden that contains the plants – green plants are arranged well. So that the elegant and natural impression can be mixed well on the design of this one house.

5. Inside of this house there is room for relax for family on holiday. There are 2 wooden chairs for sunbathing in the morning. There is also a family gathering place in the corner of this house. Really an ideal home design for your family.

6. On the front of this house there is a white ladder to go to the 2nd floor. This staircase is made of white cement arranged in such a way to look neat. At the edge of the ladder there is a layer made of thick glass. The goal is to add an elegant impression on the design of this house.

7. Inside the house there is a place like a cafe. The goal for a family drinking place at night. We can arrange the collection of bottles – bottles of drink that we have in the corner of this room. There are 3 seats are in high design with the aim to sharpen the impression of the cafe atmosphere in this house.

8. From all parts of the house, this is the most elegant place. This is a kitchen design and family dining place made with a neat and orderly design design. There is a table made of thick glass in complete with seats blown from strong teak wood. Right next to this dining area there is a kitchen for cooking and washing dishes clean. So it adds elegant impression on this house.

If you want to build your dream home like the photos above. You can learn the house plan. Here is the detail of the house plan that we provide exclusively for you.

Such is information about Creative Family House Design in Mexico. Visit design to get the latest update of home interior design ideas today.

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