Contemporary Home Design For Families in Canada – The architect Randy Bens imagines a house made up of natural elements that make it not only visually appealing, but also comfortable and smooth when viewed from the outside. This house is located in West Vancouver, Canada. This modern family home is designed to feature two separate courtyards that provide an H-shaped floor structure. This family home provides more than a comfortable residence.

1. This house is designed for a safe and comfortable family life. The design of this house takes the flow of contemporary home design. The house is lined with walls made of natural wood. In the front porch there is a small garden with natural stone arranged to form a path that can be skipped.

2. On the front of the house the color used on the walls is a gray color combined with the brown color of natural wood materials. The door of this house is made of teak wood. In the center there are 2 iron poles that serve as a buffer.

3. At the back of the house there is a special room that is enabled for a place to relax. There is a small rectangular pool with beautiful stone ornaments. In this room can be placed a table and chairs for just a family chat place in the afternoon.

4. In the living room there is a cushioned sofa black. In addition there are also tables made of wood. At the bottom there is a base made of warm thick fabrics. This space is usually used for family gatherings at night.

5. Still on the living room. If we look more carefully there is a rectangular chair made of wood. This chair is deliberately placed there as a seat for children. The roof area of ​​the living room there are many lights that are in the design go inside.

6. This is the backyard section of the house. There are ornamental plants used as natural greening. There is a large flower vase shaped setangah balls are dedicated to plant bonsai plants.

7. This house has a section of the wall made of a thick layer of glass that is not easily broken. The color of this glass is not clear, but solid color. So people outside can not see inside.

8. The glass wall is not transparent. But if there are people from outside who try to look into our house, then we can immediately find out through the shadow formed on the glass.

9. This is the part of the house if we see it from caught. This house looks very beautiful dengna surrounded by various kinds of green plants that thrive.

If you want to build your dream home like the photos above. You can learn the house plan. Here is the detail of the house plan that we provide exclusively for you.

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