Modern Home Design Japanese House Style – It is an open house design on a reputable site that will provide privacy and create a harmonious relationship between the interior and the exterior. As their sophisticated tasteful designers allow us to work in productive collaborative design.

Minimalist House Design In Quebec Canada

1. This is the front view of a modern house. The house consists of 2 main floors. This design is rarely seen in modern homes today.

2. Currently we are at the side of the house. In this section we can see the corner of this modern house from the side. At the corner of the house walls are made of glass.

3. In this section we can see the house on the side. The walls are made of strong choice wood. This wood can withstand extreme temperature changes.

4. In this section is the living room of the modern house. In this section is usually used for family relaxation. The floor is made of selected marble material.

5. This is a children’s playroom. In this part of the room the floor is made of warm wood. So it is very suitable for playing small children. At the corner of the room the wall is made of glass. So the room looks bright without any lights.

6. This is the inner look of the house. The floor is made of strong and durable choice wood. In this section there is also office space to work at home.

7. Display the picture above is the dining room. Here we can see the dining table with a number of chairs neatly arranged. The floor of the house in this room is made of waterproof choice wood.

8. This house has 2 main floors. In this section is the floor for access to the room on the 2nd floor. On the stairs there is a handle for security when the owner of the house to the 2nd floor.

Design House Modern Japanese House Style v2

9. This is the bedroom in this house. In this room there is one mattress for the owner’s bed. In the bedroom is fairly minimalist because there is little furniture.