Modern Home Design from Downtown Miami Skyline – The design of this kind of home is located in a privileged area in Biscayne Bay, South Florida. The architect Max Strang Architecture built this house by taking a view of downtown Miami skyline and the Port of Miami. The design of this house is square-shaped built with concrete and glass. The goal is to overcome storm surges and also to face long-term sea level challenges. This house has a strong indoor – outdoor connection. White color looks more dominant on the design of this house. In this part of the house there is a section that opens toward the Gulf through a glass wall, balcony, and wooden deck.


1. From the back, the design of this house seemed modern with a layer of clear glass that almost blanket the entire back of the house. Outside there are chairs for family relaxation in the evenings.

2. On the front of the house there are large doors and windows made of clear glass. At the front door there is a path made of natural stone in a neat arrangement. These stones form a passable path for in and out of the house.

3. On the side of the house, there is a doorway made of glass that is very high. This house has a design that features white on every part of the wall. On each door of this house there is a path made of natural stone.

4. At the top of the house there is an open space for sunbathing during the daytime. In this section there are chairs that are in order for a place to relax enjoying the beach scenery that stretches freely.

5. This is the inside of the house to gather family during the holiday season arrives. There is a long white sofa for family talks. Behind the white sofa is a chair made of lightweight materials that can be used for breakfast place in the morning.

6. This is part of the kitchen and family dining. The dominant color is the silver white color. This house looks more modern with items made of stainlesstell. On the dining table there are 6 chairs that are in the order for a family meal. Beside it was a sink and a gas stove for cooking in the morning.

7. This is the part of the stairs in guanakan to go to the upper floor. This ladder is lighter than light wood but has a strong material. On the right and left side of the stairs there is a tralis – iron tralis that will add strength to this modern ladder.

8. On the second floor of the house, the floor is made of wood. The floor is arranged in such a way that it looks neat and beautiful. This kind of floor is used to make the house feel warmer with a natural touch of nature.

9. On the 2nd floor there is an open tub to soak and relax in the middle of the routine of our activities for 1 full day. On the wall is equipped with a wide glass to reflect and tidy up.

10. This is the bathroom section on the 2nd floor. On the walls – the walls there are ornaments of ceramics with a distinctive motif. In addition there is a vertical glass to mirror before coming out of the bathroom.

11. This is another bathroom inside this house. The floor is made of wood that is waterproof. In the corner of the bathroom is equipped with a tub for warm water bath. On the roof there is air fentilasi, the goal for air in the bathroom is not stuffy.

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