Modern Home Design in Montreal, Canada: Prince Philip Holiday – The design of this house is a renovation and expansion of the project for medieval residence in Montreal, Canada. The house is situated on a steep slope. This slope has beautiful scenery. The design of this house consists of two floors designed by Thellend Fortin Architectes. The concept of architectural design involves the addition of living space in the form of long lines that are in line with the contours of existing structures. This line is shaped folds and stretched very wide, so that formed beautiful scenery around it.


1. This house has a semi-modern design. On the front of the house there is a rectangular family pool. This house has spacious windows on the first and second floors. The front wall of the house is made of natural stone options that will beautify the look of the house from the front.

2. This house has a swimming pool large enough for a family playground. At the edge of the pool there are stairs. The goal is that the pool seems sloping, so it does not endanger the children who play there. At the side of the pool there is a place for parents to rest while waiting for their children to swim.

3. There is a small hallway separating the main building by the pool. This hallway has a floor made of ceramics of choice. On the left there is a thick glass partition separating the house from the pool.

4. This house has a modern dining design. The floor is made of natural wood of choice. Semantara roof is made of a special white ceiling. On the wall there are abstract paintings as additional accessories in this house. At the top there is a nice and beautiful white crystal lamp.

5. This is the 2nd floor of the house. Not much furniture on this 2nd floor. There are only a few seats for seating. We can watch our children who are swimming through chairs – kuris on this 2nd floor. The walls are made of glass. So that we can look outward with more freely.

6. This house has an elegant kitchen design. The kitchen is dominant with bright white color. Part of the floor is made of natural wood that is specially flattened. While the roof is made of ceiling material that is not easily broken.

7. This house has a minimalist living room design. In this section there are only a few kusri sofa and table made of glass. There was a flat screen television set in the wall of the house. So that displays a more neat impression. The roof is triangular in shape following the precarious shape of the house.

8. In this section there is a white table made of wood choice. This large table that can be used to store kitchen furniture. At the top of the table is used as a place to wash dishes – dishes are dirty.

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