Design a Modern Home Suitable For Family

The design of this House suggests a quiet home atmosphere. This modern home makes its presence known in the neighborhood with its sleek wooden architecture designed by Studio Twenty Seven Architecture. The house is spread over 222 square meters of land. This house is located in Arlington, Virginia. This house brings inspiration to those who are looking for small-scale homes for families where children can play freely in the house.


1. Design This house is perfect for a modern family residence. From the front view, this house looks to have a very unique architectural design when compared with other houses in the vicinity. This house is dominated by a brown color that takes the texture of the tree.

2. This house looks different from most homes in the area. This house has the color of a mirrored wall paint with wood texture. The house has a large garage on the right. The owner of the house, used to use this garage to put their vehicle.

3. The design of this house seemed simple and elegant. This house adheres to a modern home design style that is perfect for families living in big cities. On the side of the house we can see there is room for the garage. If we look there are unique lights on the garage attached to the wall of the garage.

4. Now we go inside the modern house. We can see a variety of home furnishings are neatly arranged. On the floor is made of tiles with a unique wood texture. This tile texture gives a warm impression on this space.

5. This house has a roof design that is very different from most homes. If we look to the ceiling there is a triangular roof that is in the design of clear glass material. Roof design like this will allow light outside the house to enter easily into the. So that during the day this house remains bright without any lighting from the lights.

6. This house consists of 2 floors. In this section we can see the tiles on the 2nd floor made of unique wooden ceramics. This kind of wood motif gives a warm impression on the 2nd floor. If we look to the roof there is a triangular-shaped ceiling. This kind of ceiling design gives a wide impression on the house.

7. The house is composed of 2 main floors. In this section we can see there are stairs commonly used by the owner of the house for access to the 2nd floor. The stairs in this house is made of strong choice wood. In the step ladder is given a handle for security aids when up and down the stairs.

8. This house has a unique house design and different from the house in general. This house has steps on the front. In addition to the doors and windows more dominated by materials made of glass.

9. At night, this house looks so elegant and warm. All this because the design of this house is dominated by a brown color that almost covers the house. This kind of home is perfect for families living in crowded urban areas in Europe.


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