Texas Home Designs That Combine Visual Warmth and Psychic Comfort

Desainrumahbagus.com – The architect Walton Architecture has an impressive portfolio of home designs. Design homes have a architectural style that adopts rich natural scenery. Today we want to present Austin Cabin, a project located in the development of Martis Camp in California, USA. Merging of visual warmth coupled with psychic comfort. According to official information, this house stands on the surface of 3500 square meters. This does not include an outdoor terrace with comfortable seating units and fireplaces.


1. The front of the house is dominated by household furniture made of natural wood. The poles that support the house are made of hardwood that is resistant to temperature and climate changes. At the front of the house there is a grill tool made of stone arranged rectangular.

2. Overall this house consists of 2 floors. On the first floor is usually used as a living room and family gathering place. While the second floor is used for the bedroom.

3. On the front porch there is a place to burn snacks such as meat or corn. This place is made of mountain rocks arranged in such a way that form a natural grill place.

4. This is the living room section. In this section there is a soft brown sofa. The furniture in the living room is still dominated by items made of wood. The roof is open, so we can see directly to the 2nd floor.

5. At the top of the living room there are decorative lights made of beautiful crystals. There are 8 white lights arranged in a circle at the top of the living room.

6. In the bedroom part is equipped with a warming place made of natural wood that is burned. This place is very important when winter arrives in this city.

7. In the living room there is a large fireplace made of natural rocks neatly arranged. Floor on the living room is made of strong choice wood.

8. In this part of the bedroom there is a mattress made of solid teak wood. At the top is a yellow antique lamp. For the roof part in a triangle-shaped design follow the pattern on the roof of the house.

9. This is the ladder to go to the 2nd floor. This staircase is made of strong choice wooden blocks. Along the edge of the stairs there is a tralis made of iron to strengthen the foundation stairs.

10. This is the bathroom part. Inside the bathroom there is a bathtub made of special metal. In addition there are 3 pieces of wood used as ornaments and decoration in the bathroom.

11. This is the kitchen and dining area. In the kitchen the floor is made of wood. While the roof is made of special ceiling material. There are 4 unique lamps that hang hanging as a source of lighting in the kitchen and dining room.

Such is the information about Texas House Design that Combines Visual Warmth and Psychic Comfort. Visit desainrumahbagus.com design to get the latest update of home interior design ideas today.

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