Unique Home Design Mimics a Clean Coastline

Desainrumahbagus.com – The design of this house, imitating the clean line of a floating yacht in the sea. The house is located on the shore of Malibu and is equipped with a nice view of the Pacific Ocean. The expansive use of glass and much of the turning of this house into an open gallery where the main elements on display are sun, sand and waves. The atmosphere of the road comes with a different design, but still with simple simple geometry design. In addition, this house integrates wood panel contrast for visual twist. The design of this house is made by Freshome in Sotheby. The house is designed to accommodate three bedrooms and has a total living space of 3,000 square meters.


1. This house has a very elegant design from the outside. The shape and model of this house looks like a sturdy cruise ship. The walls have a stunning architectural design. The house is in a design overlooking an open beach. The materials used to build this house is the material of choice with good quality.

2. Currently we are in one of the courtyard of this luxury house. This house has a minimalist courtyard. On the floor is filled with pebbles from the beach. In the corner of the courtyard there is a kind of tree for reforestation. In addition the yard is in the pagari with a living fence made of plants that thrive.

3. The outdoors display gives the impression that this house is very strong and koko. The combination of materials used is high quality building materials. The color design of this house takes a blend of gray and dark brown. Both these color combinations provide an elegant effect on this house.

4. Saai this we go into the inside of the house. In this section we can do things like get together with family over the weekend. This room has a floor made of waterproof wood. In addition there are chairs – chairs sofa in the neat. On the roof of the house there are lights that are intentionally planted on top so that impressed more tidy.

5. It is part of space to relax. In this room in the seat to lie down. In the corner of the room there are circular beads and chairs arranged in a circle. This place usually used for breakfast before going to school or office.

6. Room design in this section seem more open. On the right side there is kusrsi – beautiful white curry. On the left there is a ladder leading to the 2nd floor. This room is deliberately designed with minimal furniture. So it seemed more spacious and wide.

7. This is one of the private parts in this house. Ruagan is located on the 2nd floor. In this section we can see outdoors clearly. This is in because the walls of the house in this room is made of glass. So we can see the beach scene more clearly from here.

8. This is the design of one of the rooms in this house. In this section we can see sofa, chair, and table as basic furniture that must exist in a room. In this room we can see the window as if – going into the wall. Design of this kind of house gives the impression that the walls are very thick and sturdy.

9. In this section we can see there is a study table in the corner of the room. In addition there is a sofa seat that we can use to relax like reading a book or magazine. This room has its own bathroom. If we see from this part, the bathroom is separated by a door made of glass. While the bathroom wall part is made of gray ceramic material.

10. Now we go to the bathroom part of the house. Bathtub is white and made of strong ceramic material. The bathroom floor of this house is made of waterproof ceramic. On the part of the wall there is an open part, so we can see the outside view despite being showered. From outside the room one can not see into the house, because the glass of this section is designed using glass that can only see-through on one side only.

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