Comfortable Home Design For Families in New Zealand

Have you ever thought of designing an alphabet-shaped house? A Architecture Studio completed the construction of the charming house design of M House. This house is a single family residence in Auckland, New Zealand. This house has a relatively small size, but is able to provide a sense of security and comfort for the owner of the house. The new additions are kept as small as possible to maintain the backyard space. The roof shape of the house has been extruded into the back and pulled out to create a small courtyard.


1. This house has a roof-shaped roof design M. This house has a relatively small size. In the front yard of the house there is an open courtyard that contains a variety of beautiful ornamental plants and natural stone.

2. Most of the walls in this house are made of clear glass. This kind of home design makes the lighting from outside the home can easily get into the inside of the house. This can make the house stay bright even without the light of the lamp though.

3. The house is designed with a floor made of natural choice wood. This type of floor gives warm impression throughout the house. In addition, furniture-furniture in the house is also neatly arranged. So that this minimalist home impressed to have a wider size.

4. Now we go to the kitchen part of the house. In this section we can see the kitchen design is elongated. On the kitchen wall, we can see all the parts covered by ceramic material. This kind of kitchen design is very common in modern homes today. The goal is to make the walls more durable and easy to clean when there are stains.

5. Now we see the kitchen from the side. From this point of view, we can see a long hallway separating the kitchen from another room. This kind of kitchen design can facilitate housewives in cooking. This is because we can move more freely.

6. In this section we can see the dining table made of wood choice. This room is usually used as a family gathering place at breakfast. In this room there is a lamp with a unique design.

Comfortable Home Design For Families in New Zealand

7. Now we go to the bathroom part of this house. The bathroom is designed with lots of glass that almost surrounds the entire wall of the room. On the bathroom wall there is a window that accidentally left open. It is intended that the light from the outside can go inside easily.

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