Home Design of European Countries in London

Desainrumahbagus.com – One characteristic of the classic European dwellings is the building is made of stone arrangement that is united with cement, and given a touch of wood. While the shape of the classic European residential design in general flat or flat or complex, which where usually the roof looks steep. The hallmark of classical European houses with other types is in terms of the form of doors and windows, which in the form of curved. In addition, in general occupancy on mainland Europe has a complete chimney with a place of fireplace inside.

Tudor Stile

If any of you wish to design your residence like a building in Europe. Here are some of the inspiration of classic European style house design that can be your reference in decorating and arranging your dwelling place with your dear family, with new and beautiful nuances.

1. Tudor Stile

The first residential design that you can choose to build your house is the Tudor Stile. This one model is the result of a classic European building where the design of this dwelling is very iconic. The shape of this classic residential model is to have a roof that is tapered upward, with a touch of a window that is also very steep. The window itself is made of stone with a beautiful wooden touch. For you who is a cartoon lover of course building this model is a residence in dreams. Where this form of occupancy, ranging from the chimney, until the form of the house itself resembles a house in a number of cartoons.

2. English Manor

The classic European dwelling design that you can apply in decorating your home is the English Manor. The design of this one comes from the UK country. Although this dwelling seems more modern, but still does not eliminate the value of high classical art. So it looks very beautiful and beautiful, and charming. The uniqueness of this one classic residence lies in plants that are allowed to spread to the windows and doors of the house.

3. French Country

The last classic European dwelling reference that could be your inspiration is the French Country. The design of this one is very simple simplicity. However, although simple, but still looks elegant from various corners of the building. This French Country design house is very romantic to occupy, thus making your life with beloved family more harmonious.