Minimalist Home Design In Quebec Canada – This minimalist home design is inspired by a work by Pliny the Younger, T House is the name of Natalie Dionne Architecture’s home design project, and a villa that stimulates imagination and forces us to reflect on natural scenery and stylish interior design. With a privileged location in Quebec’s Eastern Township forestry area, this project offers an area to avoid the bustling city of Montreal.

Minimalist House Design In Quebec Canada

T House is designed from two parts separating one building and another. The first building has a du floor and cubic-shaped with a wooden coated on the side. The second building has a ground floor 24 meters long and rectangular, embedded in the base and supported by hills, while the other side is wrapped with board board that has been cemented. Between the two buildings, homeowners were treated to a spacious transition of space, overwhelmed by glass windows to give the impression of being surrounded by natural scenery.

Minimalist House Design In Quebec Canada v2

Structurally, T House has 3 separate parts, such as the letter “T”, namely: part of the family room, guest room, and kitchen and master bedroom.