Modern Home Design in United Kingdom – A year later not infrequently knick-knacks, fashion, even home decor lifts the theme of vintage and classic. Vintage and classical models are dominant in the market of products in Indonesia. One of the classic style that much in demand is classic style belongs to British or United Kingdom (UK). Classical elements are presented from the UK flag called Union Jack has a character and color that is strong enough in presenting the classic British-style concept.

Modern Home Design in United Kingdom

The theme of the house this time raised about the interior of a British-style home, where the UK karaker is strongly presented in every interior element. The element is applied through UK icon and flag color. Here are some examples of British-style interior design that is applied to the living room, family room, kitchen & dining room, and bedroom.

The size of a small living room is not a problem to cultivate a comfortable living room and according to the concept desired by homeowners. The key is in the mix of furniture with supporting materials as background space. In the case of this British-style living room, it combines both outdoor and indoor ambience simultaneously, almost unlimited. When entering the room, guests will be served view of Big Ben poster and ‘followers’ plus old school English transportation accessories with brick wall background exposure finishing white paint. Left to the left, guests got the surprise of a beautiful red sofa juxtaposed classic garden lights, this corner is made confusing with the feeling between being outdoors or in the house. Impression of the room grows with the presence of a pair of large windows that reinforce the hallmark of the building in U.K. (United Kingdom).

Furthermore, if you look to the right, there is a different surprise again than before. This angle represents the remaining space of circulation which is utilized as an additional seating space. The Dutch teak wood backdrop with rustic blue paint finish is combined with a single red sofa adjacent to the old suitcase pile as a table, making this corner a point of interest in the living room. Touches of copper plate decorations and classic London clockworks make the room even more powerful. Comfortability remains a priority besides an interesting concept.