Modern Minimalist Home Design in French – Modern minimalist house design 1st floor French style almost the same as other European houses. In the exterior area, it looks clear shades firmly on the facade of the house. Typically, European houses use siding in the form of natural stone or natural wood, so that the nuance appears to blend with the surrounding beautiful surroundings.

Modern Minimalist Home Design in French

In addition, the latest modern French style minialist design houses a classic colored ornament on the roof. Yes, his trademark is a tapered roof shape, with a saddle model. They usually use many windows with curved frames. A small window is also installed in the attic. Due to the high roof shape, French citizens used the attic as a sleeping room or additional workspace, and installed windows to aid in the circulation of light and air.

Modern 2-storey modern minimalist house design is almost the same as a one-story house. The difference, upstairs is usually designed with different levels. The roof is still made taper, so it forms several different piles. For in Indonesia, you can apply this style to modern minimalist house design type 70 and up, because the model of this house quite luxurious.

The advantages of big house model like this is you can make a lot of space with bigger size. If you apply the French style concept, you can create a living room and living room that is blocked by a folding glass door. Here are some ideas you can apply:

The kitchen space uses wood to add a feel of classic and country.
French-style room room to bring a romantic feel with the combination of white and gray. French home style furniture on average using wood materials.
To design the dining room, can choose furniture pale white or pale yellow, with a minimalist size.

Modern minimalist modern house design is rarely rare in the country, but you bosa get occupancy with an exclusive style with this model. The taper roof of the saddle model matches the climatic conditions in the country, as well as the use of wooden furnishings.