Unique Home Design With Corrugated Roof

Desainrumahbagus.com – This house is located in the area of northern california. The design of this house is one of the design of the pilot house is very unique. It is located in an agricultural area that is still sparsely populated. This house has a very unique roof design, the roof is shaped like a wave of sea water. You will be very happy if you can visit this very unique house.

Unique Home Design With Corrugated Roof

1. In this section you can see the design of the house as a whole. This house has a beautiful environment with a variety of trees in all corners of the house. The roof design is bumpy and very unique for the size of a house like this.

2. In this section you can see there is a separate part of the house with the main room of the house. In this section there is a passage that connects between the two parts of the house. The passage between the sections is covered with thick glass. So we can see the outside of the house from this angle.

3. It is part of the living room and leisure room for the family. In this room there are chairs and tables for a place to chat or chat in the daytime. The floor of this house is made of ceramic with wood motif.

4. This is the home side for a family relaxing place in the afternoon. This room looks very comfortable to relax in the afternoon. This room was warm impressed with the interior mostly made of wood.

5. This room is part of the kitchen of this special house. In this section we can see there is a very sturdy long table. Most of the furniture in the kitchen is made of wood choice.

6. We are still discussing this unique kitchen part of the house. From this point of view we can see the look of the kitchen as a whole. This section is simple and elegant. We can cook and wash dishes at once in this room.

7. In this room we can enable it as a place to read favorite books guess. We can relax after a full day of work. This part of the room is most in interest by all residents of the house.

8. This is the home wastafle section. This section is used to just funny face or brush your teeth in the morning. After waking up we can clean ourselves in this room.

Unique Home Design With Corrugated Roof v2

9. Last is the bathroom part. In this section we can see the design of the bathroom is simple and elegant. The bathroom seems minimalist but has a lot of functions. We can use a bath of ceramic that is very comfortable to use to soak with warm water.